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From our commitment to the services we offer to our friendly, local approach, you won’t find anyone else who is going to provide tailored conveyancing, wills or probate service quite like Harrison’s Solicitors does.

Based in Reading & Caversham but servicing Bracknell, Harrison’s Solicitors are here to provide legal services that go hand in hand with some of the most important decision’s you’ll make in your life. From conveyancing to wills & probate, our team of experienced solicitors managed everything for you, taking the pressure away from you.

Conveyancing Bracknell

Whether you’re buying, selling, re-mortgaging or transferring the ownership of your property, Harrison’s will carry out every step of the process with efficiency & professionalism. Our conveyacing service makes sure that the transfer of your property goes smoothly. It’s important to us that we’re offering a comprehensive service that puts you first to keep you informed throughout as we work.

Conveyancing isn’t your everyday service but it can provide a lot of value if you’re buying/selling a home. When you’re transferring a property you don’t want anything left to chance. Working with a professional conveyancer reassures you that everything is being taken care of properly. If you have any questions then our solicitoors are at hand to answer anything you may have. A dedicated conveyancing solicitor will be handling your case so you’ll always have a point of contact to refer back to.

We’re proud to offer a service with honest prices with no hidden costs. We even offer a “no sale – no fee” policy if your house sale/transfer falls through.

We also offer wills & probate services. Our caring & compassionate probate lawyers have worked with people throughout Bracknell provide the guidance & information need to help you through a tough time. For more information, visit our page on Wills & Probate.

Is it important to use a conveyancing solicitor for a new build purchase?

In short, yes, since the legal aspects of buying a new build are more complex than other forms of conveyancing. When looking at a new build home from a legal perspective, there is much more of a chance that something can go wrong. Issues like non-compliance, failing to arrange inspections, failure to plan for continued maintenance etc. can all be incredibly costly to you if they aren’t done properly.

With the higher risk of a new build home, it’s vital that you’re using a good conveyancing solicitor to help you to oversee the acquisition of a new property. Your conveyancing solicitor will guide you through the entire process, helping to inform you on what potential issues you may be facing in your contract. They will also ensure that any contract you’re signing into is in your favour in terms of protection. If your new-build home is incomplete, certain contractual agreements like having a ‘long-stop’ completion date can be included ensuring you have a set completion date for your property.

Looking out for you:

From structural sign off’s, obtaining guarantees relative to your home, ensuring that the developers have adhered to planning permissions, there are a plethora of legal complications that come with new build homes. This is why it’s necessary to work with a conveyancing solicitor like Harrison’s that knows the in’s and out’s of the law. Our conveyancing solicitors will look out for any restrictive agreements that are written into the lease or filed against the freehold. These covenants could prohibit any alterations you want to make to the home (like building an extension, attaching a satellite dish etc.) without prior permission.

We are in your corner:

It’s sadly common for the developer’s solicitors & sales team to put huge pressure on the buyer (often first time) to complete the purchase, especially when they have targets to hit. This often means that they can ignore clear conveyancing issues which again can be costly for you, the buyer. By working with a professional conveyancing solicitor, they can act in your interest to ensure that you’re not being pressured to signing to things that aren’t in your favour.

The team of experienced solicitors at Harrison’s can manage everything for you, ensuring that you aren’t overwhelmed by the barrage of legal documents and agreements that surround the purchase of a new build home.