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We offer tailored conveyancing, wills, and probate services that no one else can offer as well as a friendly, local approach like ours at Harrison’s Solicitors.

We are a firm of solicitors with offices in Reading and Caversham, serving Tilehurst, providing you with legal services that take care of some of the biggest decisions of your life. Our experienced team of solicitors handle everything for you so that you wouldn’t have to worry about a thing.

Conveyancing Tilehurst

We offer a range of services to help you buy, sell, mortgage or transfer your property with efficiency and professionalism. With us, the process of transferring your property is hassle-free. For us, it’s imperative that we provide a service that puts you first so you are always kept updated on the progress of your project.

Buying or selling a house isn’t an everyday service, but conveyancing can be very valuable. You don’t want to leave anything to chance when you transfer property. It gives you peace of mind knowing everything will be taken care of properly by professional conveyancers.

To answer any questions you may have, our solicitors are available to assist you. Your conveyancing case will be handled by a dedicated conveyancing solicitor, so you can always reach out to one person about your case.

With no hidden fees or charges, we are proud to provide an honest service. In fact, when you can’t sell or transfer your house, we don’t charge.

Additionally, we offer wills and probate services. Throughout Bracknell, our probate lawyers have provided guidance and information to help people through difficult times.

Is it important to use a conveyancing solicitor for a new build purchase?

A new build is more complex in terms of the legal aspects than other types of conveyancing. A new-build home has a much higher risk of something going wrong from a legal perspective. You can spend a lot of money if you don’t properly handle issues like non-compliance, inspections, and continued maintenance.

A new build property carries a higher risk, so you’ll need to use a good conveyancing lawyer to oversee the purchase of the property. You will be guided through the entire process by a conveyancing solicitor, who can provide you with information on potential issues you may encounter in your contract. Also, they will make sure that any contract you sign is protective of you. You can include a long-stop completion date in your contract if you are building a new home, ensuring a fixed completion date.

Looking out for you:

Building a new home comes with many legal issues, including structural sign offs, obtaining guarantees, and making sure the developers adhere to planning permissions. You should therefore work with a conveyancing solicitor who understands the ins and outs of the law, like Harrison’s. In addition to looking for restrictive agreements outlined in leases or filed against freeholds, our conveyancing solicitors will also review restrictive agreements. There could be covenants that forbid any changes that are made to the home (extensions, satellite dishes, etc.) without the proper permission.

We are in your corner:

In many cases, the developer’s solicitor and sales team put enormous pressure on first-time buyers (often first-time buyers) to complete the sale. This is especially common when they have targets to meet. In this way, they can often disregard important conveyancing issues, which again can cost you dearly as a buyer. You can protect yourself from being pressured to sign documents that don’t suit your interests by working with a professional conveyancing solicitor in Tilehurst.

With Harrison’s team of experienced solicitors on your side, you won’t be overwhelmed by the seemingly endless stream of legal paperwork involved with purchasing a new build home.