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At Harrison’s Solicitors, we’re dedicated to providing a quality service that everyone can make use of. Based in Reading, Caversham & Woodley, we’re local to the area of Shinfield. Our experience in the local area makes us one of the leading choices for solicitor services. We offering property services ranging from conveyancing to probate. We also offer will services to accompany our probate offering, ensuring we’re taking care of you every step of the way.

Our team of professional solicitors are trained and accredited to the highest level. We want our clients to be fully assured that they’re working with a professional firm that will take care of everything.

Conveyancing Shinfield

Whether you’re looking to buy, sell or transfer a home, conveyancing is always a service that makes that process smoother. Our solicitors are well versed in the field of property law, making it a breeze to work with them during the purchase, sale or transfer of your property. Conveyancing isn’t a necessary service legally but we’ve found that those that try to conveyance their own home struggle. The transfer of a title/deed is complex especially for someone who isn’t informed about the process. The specific details that pertain to property law is what can catch people out, which is why most people use a conveyancing specialist when buying or selling a home.

A conveyancer works on your behalf to ensure that the transfer of a home goes smoothly. They’ll be the ones who contact the appropriate party to ensure that all of the correct documents, agreements and paperwork is set into place. Our solicitors ensure that we’re bringing efficiency and professionalism to everyone we work with, guaranteeing a service that you would be happy to recommend. We strive to deliver a quality service that puts you first.

Should I use a conveyancing solicitor for a new build purchase?

This is a question we get asked a lot since buying a new home might seem deceivingly simple. The legal aspects are something a lot of budding homeowners miss out and it can put you in a tough position. Some aspects of the acquisition of a new build home can be more complex than other types of conveyancing. From a legal point of view, there can be a lot more shortcomings especially if your home is still being developed/built. Issues from non-compliance, failing to arrange inspections, failure to plan for continued maintenance etc. are all commonplace especially at the rate that developments are being built across the UK. If rushed, a new homeowner can be put out of pocket quite severely if their title/contract isn’t checked through and proofed.

When you consider the potential risk of buying a new home, it’s always a safe bet to work with a professional conveyancer during the purchase. 

Your conveyancing solicitor will guide you through the entire process, helping to inform you on what potential issues you may be facing in your contract. They will also ensure that any contract you’re signing into is in your favour in terms of protection. If your new-build home is incomplete, certain contractual agreements like having a ‘long-stop’ completion date can be included ensuring you have a set completion date for your property.