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Property Solicitors Esher


Property Solicitors In Esher

Harrison’s Solicitors are proud to be your professional and expert property solicitors in Esher offering a complete range of conveyancing services to fulfil all needs and requirements. Established in 2003, we are highly experienced and have a wealth of knowledge behind us.

When buying or selling a property, it’s worth taking your time to research and review local conveyancing solicitors in your area. Here at Harrison’s Solicitors, we ensure that your transactions and processed in optimal time and significantly reduce the risk of sales falling through. For more information, you get in touch with our team today by calling us directly on 0118 959 8974.

Our fully comprehensive list of residential conveyancing services include;-

Conveyancing Esher

The conveyancing process can be overwhelming for those looking to buy their new home. There is so much to think about, to co-ordinate and legal matters to take on. Thankfully, our expert solicitors can do all of the dirty work for you so that you can sell or buy your property in due time with minimal fuss or hassle. We cover all aspects of conveyancing including the key stages which are the exchange of contract when everyone knows the transaction will proceed.

Buying A Home

Harrison’s Solicitors provide professional conveyancing services that you can count on including expert help and services around buying properties. Whether buying, selling, re-mortgaging or transferring the ownership of your property, you will have a dedicated solicitor handling your transaction from start to finish. You will be kept in the loop at every stage. Whether you are buying a home for the first time or on your third or fourth house, we are able to use our expertise and wealth of knowledge to best assist and handle your transaction from start to finish.

Selling Your Home

Looking to sell your home and need professional help with legalities and everything else that comes with it? If so, we would love to hear from you. If you are a first time seller, you may not know what the process is, and if you are buying a new property too understanding how everything fits together to make the transaction move forward and at the right time can seem daunting. We are able to deal with transfer deeds and liaise with your mortgage provider

Transfer Of Ownership

We offer much more than just helping homeowners sell or buy a new property. Another conveyancing service we offer as your expert property solicitors in Esher is helping with transfer the ownership at all types of properties. As with everything we do here at Harrison’s Solicitors, you can expect completely transparent advice and pricing on your property transfer. We’ll set out clearly all fees involved, including our own fixed fee, so you know exactly what to expect.


Wondering how to remortgage your home and whether or not it could be a viable option? Harrison’s Solicitors are able to guide you through the full pros and cons or remortgaging and also best outline all different methods including how much remortgaging may cost and what you might need to consider before going ahead. Remortgages are normally beneficial for homeowners that are happy with their house but not particularly happy with their mortgage and desire change. As with any mortgage, there will be lender fees involved for your new one – and possibly for leaving the old mortgage too.

Declaration Of Trust

A declaration of trust is simply an agreement between the owner of a property that sets out how they will share the equity as well as any income or sale proceeds. Our property solicitors in Esher can best help here by deciding on a number of variables for the peace of mind of co-owners. These may include deciding when the property will be sold, if the shares in the property will reflect the financial contributions made and who will live in the house.

Wills Esher

Harrison’s Solicitors also provide flexible and cost-effective will writing services for all residential homeowners in Esher or surrounding areas. We understand that the process of creating and writing your will is daunting but we make the process as simple as possible. We will create your legal document – also known as you will – that will allow you to fully state what should happen to your assets which will include investments, properties, money and possessions.