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Property Solicitors Winchester


Property Solicitors In Winchester

Purchasing and selling a property is one of the most difficult things you can do. However, with the help of your expert property solicitors in Winchester, we make it really simple thanks to our wealth of knowledge and decades of experience. The ease of your transaction can and will heavily depend on the efficiency of your solicitor.

As your fully accredited and qualified residential conveyancers in Winchester, we go above and beyond to ensure you are happy with our service. No longer do you have to feel overwhelmed with the conveyancing process as we will be there every step of the way to help. For more information or to speak to one of our experts today, get in touch and call us directly on 0118 959 8974.

Our fully comprehensive list of residential conveyancing services include;-

  • Conveyancing.
  • Buying a home.
  • Selling your home.
  • Remortgages.
  • Transfer of ownership.
  • Lease extensions.
  • Declaration of trust.
  • Wills.

Conveyancing Winchester

Harrison’s Solicitors are able to help residential clients buy, sell and re-mortgage homes regardless of the property transaction that you are carrying out. With various steps to cover and legal obligations to meet, you can be sure that we offer a straightforward conveyancing service that is specifically designed to be as accessible and bespoke as possible. Other conveyancing services that we offer include transferring property ownership, arranging lease extensions and providing equity release.

Buying A Home

As the number one professional conveyancing service that you can trust, a lot of work consists of helping people buy a home. Buying a property with Harrison’s Solicitors is stress-free, simple and seamless. We do all that we can in our power to not only ensure that the move goes through but to also make sure that all mortgage conditions are met, as well as preparing transfer and mortgage deeds. Moreover, our expert property solicitors in Winchester are also able to deal with stamp duty land tax, provide transparent pricing and a service that you can truly trust and depend on.

Selling Your Home

Are you looking at moving home? If so, you’re going to need assistance from our property solicitors. Whether you’re downsizing or upgrading, we can help you every step of the way. Without all necessary information and the expertise to go with it, sales can easily fall through and residential clients can come across many hitches. Here at Harrison’s Solicitors, we have previously helped thousands of people sell their homes in the area and offer honest prices with no hidden costs. And if the hours sale falls through? Then our guaranteed ”no sale – no fee” policy has you covered!

Transfer Of Ownership

Whether you need our expert help to transfer the ownership of your current property to your son or daughter or you wish to add your new partner on to the deeds, we take the time to listen to your individual circumstances before going through with transfer of ownership. It’s imperative you consider all the facts before committing to a transfer of ownership. Once the new owner’s name is on the deeds, the future of the property is in their hands.


If you’re looking to open up new financial opportunities, looking into remortgaging your home could be fantastic place to start. Hundreds of thousands of homeowners re-mortgage their homes every single years and for a multitude of different reasons. It may be that it is time to change your lender to receive a better deal on your existing mortgage product or you are looking to refinance your property? Whatever the reason, you can be sure that we’ll provide you with all information necessary and provide the best impartial yet up-to-date advice. And if you feel it’s right to go ahead, we will handle the whole re-mortgaging process for you!

Declaration Of Trust

A declaration of trust is often used when a third party may have contributed financially to buying a property, such as a parent, and they want that contribution to be recognised. Where a property is owned by more than one person, they all have an interest in the property and are known as co-owners. There are a range of different areas to be discussed and agreed such as what percentage of the property is to be owned by each co-owner and who will live in the house.

Wills Winchester

Looking for will writing services in Winchester? Here at Harrison’s Solicitors, we provide fully comprehensive will writing services to give you complete peace of mind about your family’s future. You undoubtedly want your estate to be distributed according to your wishes after passing, which is why creating a legally binding will is essential. At Harrison’s Solicitors, we can write a single will for £240 or two wills for you and your partner for £360*.