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You can trust our solicitors for trustworthy conveyancing services if you are buying or selling a house in Southcote. Providing friendly and personal service, our conveyancing solicitors give you the best possible service. We possess a comprehensive understanding of the residential conveyancing procedure, and we are qualified of handling all parts of the process.

In addition to writing wills and purchasing and selling properties, we supply a number of additional services. A professional conveyancing solicitor will handle your case from beginning to end. It is important to have excellent timing, negotiation skills, and effectual communication in order to achieve a successful outcome. Throughout the total process, you will be kept in the loop so that there will be zero delays.

We deliver a wide range of residential conveyancing services including:

Conveyancing Southcote

Are you moving into a new house? If this is so, we realise it can be stressful and overwhelming. Our experienced solicitors at Harrison’s Solicitors can help you along the way, delivering expert residential conveyancing assistance at a competitive price to guarantee that all transactions are completed smoothly. Each member of our staff is professionally trained, friendly, and constantly ready to assist in any way they can. There are no hidden costs with our competitive pricing structure and fixed fee, so you can be sure that you will remain on budget right from the very beginning.

Buying a home

An important step in the process of purchasing a home is to work out all the legalities and transactions involved. Your own solicitor will assist you at each step of the process. As conveyancing specialists, we are equipped to deal with all complexities, from dealing with land tax to conducting all searches with local authorities.

Selling Your Home

There are many reasons why property owners sell their properties. If you are considering selling your home for any reason, your local residential conveyancer can assist you throughout the process. Many of the clients we represent are first-time sellers who may not have ever been involved in the sale of a home before. Make sure that you have all the information you need in order to ensure a smooth property sale. The sale’s success isn’t solely dependent on you; it is also dependent on the buyers, so getting professional assistance and advice is important.

Transfer Of Ownership

The transfer of residential ownership should be regulated and mediated by an experienced residential conveyancer. We at Harrison’s Solicitors are qualified to assist you in effectively transferring property ownership and guaranteeing that it stays in your family for considerable years to come. Transferring ownership is usually a more straightforward process than buying or selling property, but having the confidence that our conveyancing solicitors will handle everything accurately is always comforting.


A professional conveyancer is highly recommended in the event that you are considering remortgaging your property, as getting legal advice can guarantee that you are making an informed decision. We will discuss with you a number of remortgaging options and identify those that are most appropriate to your particular circumstances. The benefits of remortgaging include having access to more funds as well as better rate security. You will be able to discuss your options with your solicitors or your new lender.

Declaration Of Trust

There is a legal document, referred to as a declaration of trust, which establishes the proportional ownership of property owned by two or more individuals. Generally, a trust deed identifies the beneficiaries of the trust, who are designated as the owners of the assets. The trust deed is a document that is legally binding on the property owner. Even though it is not a legal requirement, hiring a lawyer is a good idea to prevent future disputes.

Wills Southcote

Having a difficult time thinking about your will is completely normal. This can, however, lead to further problems. You can have peace of mind knowing that your wishes will be respected by obtaining our comprehensive will writing services. As it’s a highly sensitive topic, it can be easy to put off but we make it as easy and comfortable as possible for you.