Internet Vs Local – Who should you choose for conveyancing?

If you’re currently in the market for a conveyancing solicitor, you might be asking yourself “should I use a local solicitor or someone online?”. This is a difficult question since there are clear advantages to both. We’re here to discuss your options, dissecting the pros and cons of the two choices.
First of all, let’s start with what a conveyancing solicitor is. For those that have begun looking at properties, you may not know what conveyancing is. Conveyancing is a term given to the legal process of transferring the title of a property. A typical conveyancing process comes in two parts. First comes the exchange of contracts and then the completion.

Let’s look at the different types of conveyancing:

Online Conveyancing:

If you’ve shopped around the market enough, you might have come across some cheap conveyancing prices. These are usually online conveyancing services. The online conveyancing market is much more competitive. This is one of the reasons why prices are usually cheaper. Prices are also cheaper, usually because these providers don’t have overheads to cover. Rent for commercial properties is expensive so these providers are able to cut costs.
This doesn’t mean the service is the exact same. You have to consider the fact that these providers are most likely ill-trained. They’ll also often have many cases on at once, making it more likely for them to make a mistake.
All transactions and processes will also occur through the post. This can cause big delays in completing paperwork and documentation. Online conveyancing services usually don’t have a physical premises you can walk into, so this can be hard if you want a face to face meeting. Online conveyancers, for the most part, are people working from home.
Good online conveyancing services tend to be harder to find. The only thing you can go off are reviews, and these are easy to falsify if the providers choose to. Conveyancing solicitors that are local to you only stay in business if they’re offering a good service. It’s much harder for a local conveyancing solicitor to stay relevant if they’re not delivering a good service.

Local Conveyancing Solicitor:

Local conveyancing solicitors are the usual go-to when it comes to conveyancing. Meeting the solicitor that you’re working with is a process that’s been done for centuries. There is merit with this traditional method. Meeting face to face is easier than communicating back and forth through email. If you’re someone who likes to get things done straight away, a local solicitor is a way to go. Having physical meetings will give you much more re-assurance. You’ll be able to discuss anything that’s on your mind, rather than having specific times where you can talk with your solicitor.
Local conveyancing solicitors are also more flexible. Whereas online solicitors might only have certain windows that they work within. Your local solicitor will also have an office that you’re able to visit. This might not seem like a huge deal, but for most, it’s something to consider. It’s a common frustration that online solicitors don’t respond to you, and this tends to be the case. Emails get lost and calls get missed, so it’s reassuring to have a physical office you can visit.
There’s a reason why local solicitors are the norm when it comes to conveyancing. Regardless of which provider you choose, you should always check if your solicitor is qualified to work with you. A professional solicitor should be able to carry out the transfer of a home without a hitch. It’s vital to feel confident with the solicitor that you’re working with.
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