Now Is Better Than Ever To Get A Will

Unhealthy LifestyleA BBC article shows that the majority of adults in the UK live an unhealthy lifestyle. The data from the Health Survey for England showed nearly nine in 10 had at least one unhealthy trait. That was classed as those who smoke, drink more than 14 units of alcohol, eat fewer than five portions of fruit and vegetables, are obese or have low rates of physical activity. In 2017, nearly 7,700 people died in the UK from alcohol-specific causes. This is the highest rate since 2008. Although there are high levels of unhealthy lifestyles, around four in 10 adults have no signs of ill-health developing yet. This was classed as conditions such as high blood pressure and raised cholesterol levels.

Starting a new year is a great time to try and give up unhealthy traits as a new year’s resolution. However, we all know that resolutions are hard to keep and a few months down the line many of us will still be stuck in our old habits. This is why we think it is a great idea that, in addition to giving up an unhealthy trait, you could make it your new year’s resolution to create a will in 2019 if you do not have one already. Therefore, if you do revert to an unhealthy lifestyle, at least you can have peace of mind about your family’s future. At Harrison’s Solicitors, our will writing experts believe that the most common reasons for people not having a will in place is procrastination.  Over 180,000 people die intestate, which means that at the time of death there was no will in place. Dying intestate means that your estate will be distributed in the UK solely according to intestacy law, which may not reflect your wishes. The earlier you prepare a legally-binding will, the more comfortable you’ll feel about the future of your assets and loved ones.


Harrison’s Will Writing Service

At Harrison’s Solicitors, we offer an expert will writing service in Reading, Woodley, and Caversham. We have decades of experience and a reputation as a reliable law firm in Reading. Our customers choose us for will writing because we can:

  • Minimise the Risk of Disputes
    Unfortunately, disputes regarding wills are far from rare, and they usually arise due to inaccuracies and misinterpretations. Our experience will help ensure your will won’t be contested.
  • Lower Inheritance Tax Contributions
    You undoubtedly want your family members to inherit as much of your estate as possible, which is why we will help you distribute your assets in a way that lowers inheritance tax obligations.
  • Simplify What Can Be a Complicated Process
    Writing a will that won’t eventually be contested can be challenging.  You can trust us to make the process straightforward.

Harrison’s Solicitors is a trustworthy law firm which offers our customers fixed fees with no hidden costs. This allows you to budget from the outset. At Harrison’s Solicitors, we can write a single will for £150 or two wills for you and your partner for £200*. All you need to do is fill out a short application form – contact us now for yours.


Already Have A Will?

Benefits of Will WritingWills are not set in stone so you are able to make as many changes as you need to should your circumstances change. If you have been meaning to make changes to your will but not got round to it yet, make it your new year’s resolution! Whether you need to make sure a new grandchild is included or amend the details of who gets what, we can help.

At Harrison’s Solicitors, will writing is just one of our fields of expertise offered in our three local offices in Reading, Caversham and Woodley. We can also handle probate matters to help your loved ones distribute your assets efficiently and according to your wishes. Contact our branches today for more information.


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